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Healthy Food from Great Chef.

Tandoor History

History of Tandoor takes us back by 5000 years to Indus valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient Indian Subcontinent.

Tandoori chicken can be eaten as a starter or appetizer, or as a main course, often served with naan flatbread. It is also used as the base of numerous cream-based curries, such as butter chicken. Local varieties of tandoori chicken prepared from the rooyi posto in Bengal have appeared in local eateries, particularly those between Kolaghat and Kolkata. Tandoori chicken was popularized in post-independence India by Moti Mahal, Daryaganj in Delhi when it was served to the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. There, tandoori chicken became a standard offering at official banquets.

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Tandoor Items Popular TIP

  • Tandoor Roti-Health-100% wheat
  • Tandoor Naan
  • Tandoor Veggie Wrap-Kati Rolls
  • Tandoor Non Veggie Wrap
  • Tandoor Chicken
  • Punjabi Samosa
  • Omelet Spinach, Cheese, Mushroom
  • Fresh Salad Box
  • LOVIS (Lemon, Onions, Veggie In Side)
  • Seasonal Fruit will be served with $10 Order.

What is Tandoor?

  • Tandoor is a Clay oven where the food is cooked at 400 Degre Centigrade.
  • No Oil Fry
  • Seals Natural Inheriant flavours of food, Keeps food Moisture.
  • Fresh & Healthy to Customers.

Tandoor & Others

  • Comparison of Tandoor & Others
  • No Oil Transfats.
  • Chicken Fat will be taken away when Cooked inside Tandoor.

Tandoor in World

  • Popular in Northern India, Middle East some parts of Europe & Africa.
  • Household Name in Northern India, Pakistan

Drive Thru Tandoor

3D Rendering, Package Standards, Unique Selling Proportion, Presentation Style-(Prashaveri ITC CHOLA)

Tandoor Roti: Baked in Tandoor after your order.

Will be in Customer Car in less than 5 Minutes from Tandoor Oven.

Tandoor Chicken: Chef Special Marination and kept in Tandoor Oven for 12 Minutes

at the temperature of 400 degree Centigrade.

Quality of Tandoor Vs Others

Chicken Quality, Age, Tenderness, No freezing Marination Time, Temperature Controls & Sensors Engrave on Equipment, use of Copper Rods Testing @ International Labs, Patent it Documentation, Video Shoot USDA Approval- Eliminate Competition


Fried Food Vs Grilled Food Vs Tandoor Food

  • No Deep Fried Oil
  • No Carbon Exposure
  • No Iron Contact, High Quality Copper Sticks are using
  • No Castro genic in Puts, No Toxins
  • No Artificial Colors, No Monosodium Gluconate.
  • Cooked in Clay Oven after your Order
  • Only Fresh Flour, Natural Spices, Herbs, Rich of Antioxidants, Fiber and Protein.